Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 16 - Seeing the big picture

Today I was doing my regular chores and felt something different - my thoughts kept bouncing back to something Patrick said in one of his emails:

"So when we bow before and after our workouts, we are showing respect for ourselves, and the universe for lending us this energy and form. This is why, in my mind, developing your body and physical skills is so important for a full human life. To use all these gifts for eating junk on a sofa in front of a TV is a mind-boggling waste!"

I think it was bouncing around in my mind today since I was cleaning up a lot of junk and recycling things I no longer need. I realized that most of what I have really doesn't matter, and in the end what's the difference whether you own 3 of something or nothing. It's such a waste of time and energy to accumulate all this stuff, and for what purpose, especially if you're not heathy?!

I think it's as important to think about whatever we buy before we consume it, whether its food, toys or stuff. There is a finite amount of energy and time out there and filling it up with trinkets and bobbles is also a mind-boggling waste.

What do you own that you just had to have but know is a complete luxury?

Off my high horse now, my workout went well tonight. My balance was not so good and my leg still is a little tight but I'm still here!

Mediation was a little funky tonight but good - I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

See you soon.


  1. True, indeed. Really something important to think about before consuming food or trinkets—why do I need this thing? I think my crock pot is my latest luxury. Yes, I can cook stuff on the stove when I get home from work, but it's so nice when it's already waiting for me in the little oven on the counter.

  2. Wise words! A crock pot sounds more useful than my luxury, the hour-long full-body massage. I'm hoping regular stretching will make these totally unnecessary.

  3. I agree with being mindful of consumption but I also think that some luxuries are not necessarily superfluous and represent bread and home for some people.
    Of course, I'm biased, I create luxury for a living! :)