Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 11 - Soccer

My youngest boy had his first game of soccer today and it didn't go as well as he expected. Before the game he was pumped to be playing and kept talking about winning and how well he was going to play. But on the field the bigger and older kids shut him out, leaving him behind and frustrated.

I let the coaches do what they do best and talked to him after. I asked how it went and he respond by saying "Good, except nobody would let me have the ball!" I told him that that was what soccer was all about, passing to your team mates and trying to stop the other team from scoring. I'm not sure he got it but he hasn't given up yet. Next week we'll see how he does.

I'm not entirely upset that he hit this roadblock - What better way to learn than this and we'll practice a little bit and get him kicking the ball at the right goal. In the end I know he'll be better for it.

While pondering my son's soccer career, I thought about obstacles that I face and how I handle them - really they're not that different and I'll try to take my own advice. Take tonight for example - I didn't want to work out and stretching seemed like it would be such a chore so I decided it was too late to do it tonight and I'd catch up later...But I knew it wouldn't go down like this in the end - of course it's a slippery slope. So I got up, finished my workout, and I know I feel a little bit better for it. Most of the the wining for me or my son is just showing up - the rest comes from way deeper and there are many ways we can stoke that fire.

As I mentioned I was not excited about the workout today - not really sure why but I slogged through it. In one word I sucked! I'll sleep on it and get back to my standard tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm off to Montreal on business. I'm excited to see what obstacles I hit with food and exercise - truth be known I'm looking forward to a few days in Montreal and welcome the change.

See you soon.


  1. Congrats on finishing your workout even though you didn't want to. Like you say, that's really the hardest part! Have a great time in Montreal. Can't wait to hear about the KFB challenges on the road. I'll be taking some trips this summer too—will be good to learn from others' experiences!

  2. Stoke that fire! Have a good trip!

  3. "Most of the wining is just showing up" I will keep those words in mind on lazy and difficult days.