Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 10 - Hail to the Queen

Today it's Victoria Day in Canada where we celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday, who was the Queen when Canada past Confederation. We get the day off and rejoice that good weather is upon us!

The problem is that most Canadians feel out of touch with such a holiday since Canada's ties to the U.K. are no longer as pronounced or important. Most people call it May 24 weekend for that date and for the huge uptick in case sales of beer. In fact national beer sales spike sharply during this weekend and is the unofficial start of the beer selling season for breweries.

While I don't drink much beer I will toast the Queen today with a Guinness. I don't much care why the holiday exists, It's good to celebrate the start of Summer with a beer and and birthday.

Out with the family I only got my strength and conditioning done today. I am determined to not fall behind so I'll add a bit to tomorrow's routine!

See you soon.

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