Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 14 - What the What?

Sweat Jesus the wide forward bend is a mother! Look, I know this will build hip flexibility and I want to sit in the lotus position someday but this one hurt. I held it for a while, watched a little tv to take my mind off the strain and then played a video game at Patrick's suggestion but died often through lack of concentration.

I am the poster boy for the stiff and inflexible of the world. I know this is going to be tough but I also know its worth it so I'm gonna work on my flexibility even if it kills me(I almost died tonight).

The best part of it was when I stopped and the blood and feeling came rushing back - I actually felt quite good after, and my legs, hips and back were pulsing with my heart, a very relieving feeling.

I'm going to start every day and finish every evening with some stretches... How's your flexibility?


  1. Keep stretching it out man. If you have time pop a wide angle every night while chilling out. What game did you play?

  2. I was playing Bioshock 2 - Great game and hard - especially when trying to concentrate on stretching out!

  3. Yeah, you gotta choose a game that gives you lots of thinking time. RPGs work great. Who's your (Big) Daddy?