Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 6 - Men are Big and Strong?

I just read an interesting study by Psychologists at the University of Mcgill who examined the body image of males and females. While there have been many studies on the body image of females and that they feel being overweight or obese has been associated with a poor self image and a lower quality of life, the association is not so clear in men.

As you would expect, the study found that both satisfaction with their looks and satisfaction with life were inversely associated with excess weight in females.

However, In contrast, excess weight in older men was associated with greater satisfaction with life (body image in men was not examined and I'd like to know why).

The study found that overweight men appear more satisfied with life than do overweight women with the notion that while men associate excess weight with being “big and strong”, women tend to associate excess weight with being “fat”, something both sexes appear to fear.

Other researchers have also suggested that while men may avoid high-caloric foods for health reasons, women tend to do so primarily to control their weight.

While I know everyone is different I think this study is a great way to understand the differences in men and women and it clearly points to the fact that unique and different/distinct strategies are needed to address excess weight in men and women.

Here are the results of my benchmark tests:

Standing High Jump: 28 inches

Consecutive Ping Pong Punches: 37

Morning Standing Forward Bend: 9 inches from ground

Boy would I love to touch my toes!

Current Weight: 218 lbs.

Current Height: 6'4"

Current Picture:

I'm gonna love seeing those love handles go but I guess I do look kinda big and strong :)

See you soon.