Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 3 - Balance

I was having a little trouble today with the straight kicks, loosing my balance several times until I stopped, refocused on my stance and tried it again. Once again I had trouble balancing while kicking out front. By the end of my reps/sets I was doing pretty well, feeling my way to balance rather than thinking through it.

This was not like playing complex games, virtual or actual where you play against an opponent or yourself, figuring out the best way to get better or win. It's true that you're not going to get any better without practice but the difference with the legs kicks is that I was focusing too much on what to do, rather than letting my body instinctually move. When I let go I got better.

This in many ways is like the meditation I spoke about yesterday - it wasn't until I stopped trying, stopped thinking about it that it worked for me.

The workout went well today and I was patient with the stretches - this is not going to happen quickly, but rather slowly and maybe painfully. I've always known I should have stretched more - especially after a long run, but It was so easy just doing a quick ease out stretch and stopping. Now I'm paying for it, but at least I'm doing something about it!

Like good times again I'm back on the PCP diet, cutting down on the carbs and feeling good with my meals.

See you soon.

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  1. I'm still trying to find my balance. Hopefully in time, I will.