Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 2 - I...Can't...Not...Concentrate...

I knew that the flexibility portion of this program would be tough for me but I didn't really think about the meditation... I'm finding it difficult to concentrate, or should I say stop the thousand voices, thoughts and stresses banging around in my head.

I guess this is part of the process. I am becoming aware of how active my mind actually is. It's tough not to follow the flow of thoughts - I get side tracked and find myself trying to figure out some problem that's currently bothering me. I spent about ten minutes meditating today and for the first bit my mind was all over the place, then I concentrated on my deep breathing. Close to the end I could feel the relaxation setting in and started to understand what I needed to do.

It's the turbulence of distracting thoughts that really gets me and the fact that forcing them away doesn't work, at least not the way I've tried. I know this is a case of practice and I'm looking forward to the peace and relaxation that will surely come with this meditation.

I'm sore from yesterday's work out - perhaps pushing the straight punch a little more than I should have and today I appreciated the stretching as it helped me understand a little more my total range of flexibility.

I'm cutting back more on the carbs but I'm trying hard to find enough food to satisfy my hunger. Any suggestions?

See you tomorrow.

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