Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 8 - Week 2

The KFB is already on week 2! I can't believe it, so I've reduced my carbs and now I'm going to cut out anything and everything that is prepackage, over processed and basically things that my Great Grandmother would not recognize.

Since I started the Peak Condition Project I have been scrutinizing the packages of food I buy, counting the number of ingredients and looking for any word I would need a scientist to decipher. Its hard sometimes to find packaged food that is not over processed and that's why I usually make my meals from scratch. Its fun, actually saves money and you start to get in tune with what you are eating - how your body reacts to it's fuel.

When you start to really gauge how your body reacts to food, you can perceive subtle differences in chemistry, mood and how you react to people and situations. I think women do a much better job of this then men likely because they know about and focus much more on their bodies and because men are not hard wired as well for it.

I do love that clean feeling after eating heathy natural food, as close to the basic root as you can get.

We're ratcheting up the training this week - more reps and some new exercises! The training was good today and I think my flexibility is starting to improve! Baby steps...

See you soon.

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