Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 15 - Balsamic Vinegar

I gotta say I'm excited about getting full bore into this. The Kung-Fu is awesome and who doesn't love being in shape but I also love the food! For the last two weeks I've been eating really well getting ready for the strict diets we would eventually get - we have them now and I'm surprised that I actually missed the regime of cutting, weighing and cooking precise amounts of food. And then there's my favourite, Balsamic Vinegar!

I know that it would have been more difficult getting through the Peak Condition Project without Balsamic. The rich tart taste is contrasted with a sweetness that mellows it, making it a perfect seasoning for rice, pasta, vegetables, meat, you name it.

I also found that there are many reputed positive effects to eating Balsamic:

- Balsamic has anti-baterial and anti-viral properties which make it an effective remedy.
- Some suggest it cures body pain and energizes
- The polyphenols in Balsamic are powerful antioxidants that fight cell damage and boost the immune system.
- Studies have shown that the antioxidants in Balsamic also protect against cancer and heart disease.
- Balsamic improves metabolism by boosting the activity of the digestive enzyme pepsin.
- Some studies suggest that a five teaspoon portion of vinegar with a meal can improve insulin sensitivity, controlling diabetes complications.
- Balsamic has been shown to reduce cholesterol.
- Balsamic antioxidant may slow the aging process.
- Balsamic can strengthen bones, prevent fatigue and help suppress appetite - aiding in weight control.

This is all very good but I love the taste! It's very rewarding to find something that is healthy and you enjoy eating and can be combined with so many other foods.

Thank you Balsamic Vinegar for always being there for me.

Work out was great tonight. I did have a little trouble with the jumping straight kick and strained my right leg. It felt a lot better during the chin to knee stretch but I'll watch it over the next few days. This is where increased flexibility would really help.

My punches are getting a lot quicker and more accurate - I'd also like to say more power if I can judge that correctly. I also took to heart Patrick's last email asking us to concentrate on the body movements during a kick/punch - exactly as he described. Good to understand where the power really comes from, good to be mindful of this during the agility training.

Two weeks gone. I feel I've accomplished a lot during this time - My excitement is still strong and I'm getting so much out of this programr.

See you soon.


  1. You are a better man than I—I didn't miss the cutting and the weighing AT ALL!

  2. This enthusiasm will get you FAR!