Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 5 - Milestones

My eldest son lost his first tooth today - he was scared at first and then excited that the mysterious tooth fairy would visit him tonight.

Right now he's running around full of energy wondering what he's going to do with the money that he gets in exchange for a tooth. I'm wondering how much I'm going to give him, but more importantly what my actions will teach him.

I'm often looking for object lessons, ways I can help my kids learn, this is good but I wonder if I'm sheltering them from something by not just going with it more often. They have set up donation jars for those less fortunate, do some limited chores and are really good kids, but what will they do if I let them decide more what to do while I gently guide?

I think the tooth fairy will leave him a twenty and tell him to spend it on something fun and frivolous...We'll see what he does with it.

The workout was great today, I'm getting in a groove with the kicks and punches. Flexibility sucks but I can wait and the meditation feels really good - I found myself looking forward to it all day.

I'm starting to get that clean feeling like a pure glass of water, since I've been back on a good diet. I've been off it more than I realized.

I'll get my pics up tomorrow.

See you soon.

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