Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 7 - One week down

Great day today! Work went well and I had loads of energy to do all my strength, agility and flexibility plus I went for a 25 minute run.

I know days won't always be this good, however when it happens I like to look back on it and see what went right. I know it was a combination of things:

1) It wasn't like things didn't go wrong, they always do, but I didn't get stressed about it.
2) I ate a really good breakfast, had a great snack, good lunch and so on. Really if I get cranky its usually because I didn't eat right.
3) Lets face it, Fridays are usually a good day - We know the weekend is coming and live for it.
4) I really became conscious of my internal voice a few years ago - you know the one that says things when life goes wrong. When I started to really listen to it I realized that It was not helpful and was so universally judgemental and made things seem worse than they actually were. I now respond differently to what happens to me firstly by how I choose to internalize it.

So I take each day as it comes but I hope I have more of these - they're awesome!

What does you're inner voice say when things go wrong?

One week down - See you soon.

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