Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 4 - God those Habs are Lucky!

I went a little easy on myself today doing the strength training and flexibility portions of the program. I was a little late getting to it since I was watching the playoff game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Montreal Canadiens. I watch a bit of hockey during the regular season, but the playoffs are so much better since the teams work harder, there are less cheap shots/crap and the teams have so much more to loose. Really its just better for a fan to watch.

However the Canadiens - Les Habs, have been giving it all they've got against a stronger, more powerful and arguably better team, and coming up short. This is in contrast to beating the best team in the league in an earlier round and winning the hearts of fans everywhere - who doesn't love an underdog!

But they shot at the goalie almost 60 times and didn't score once. Thats unheard of and I wonder how they will get their confidence back. Obviously their goal is to score a goal but what do they really need to do?

When I did the Peak Condition Program last year I lived it and related everything around me to the program or vice versa. Its obvious with food, but also in the way we look at, act and talk to people. I'm trying to make myself better and that even at a minute level, affects my outlook on the world. Simply put the PCP and now KFB colour my world - fortunately in a good way.

I believe that everything is connected and I don't believe in luck. Most of what we get out of life is due to our own efforts or lack thereof - I know the lottery works for some but lets talk 99.9999999% So if I eat right, exercise, stay flexible and brush my teeth and pay my bills everything will be fine. Probably not since if my attitude sucks, If I think I'm going to fail, If I believe I can never score, I'll likely end up loosing - a self fulfilling prophesy.

I recall reading about an experiment on luck where people were put into a blind study where certain setups were in place to gauge reaction and attentiveness. These setups included a $5 bill on the ground, sitting next to a person who was willing to give something if interacted with and a waitress who gave a free dessert if complimented. The subjects were placed into two groups, one who considered themselves unlucky and the other who thought of themselves as lucky. You've probably guessed what happened - the unlucky ones were inattentive and didn't see the bill, they didn't talk to the person beside them and they didn't get the free dessert. It was simply that those who felt they were 'lucky' were mindful, polite and full of optimism.

So what does this have to do with the price of beans? I feel that programs like the PCP ang Kung-Fu Body are ultra important to our confidence, optimism and positive beliefs - our luck factor, because a program like this gives positive tangible results all on the weight of our own actions. Couple this with meditation and a heathy dose of instinctual defensive martial arts and you have one whopper of a positive effect. I feel better about myself, I feel better about the world and good things start to happen - we've all seen it.

So I am calling on the Montreal Canadien Hockey Players to find their own PCP or KFB because right now they're hearing the negativity and probably wondering at least a little bit how they got this far as the underdog and likely believing a bit of the press. If they don't believe they will get the goal they won't ever get it.

I'm pretty pumped to be part of this program, I'd like to say I'm lucky to be part of it...

How about you, do you think you're lucky? Do you know someone who believes they're unlucky?

See you soon

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