Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 12 - Montreal

So today I woke up early, drove for 6 hours, met several clients and had a long business meeting.

I now sit in my hotel room exhausted from the day and a great work out. Here are my thoughts:

- Great start to the day was a great meal of oat bran, hard boiled eggs, carrots and water.
- On the road I drove for approximately 6 hours so I practiced some of Patrick's Knowledge Worker's Survival Guide and stopped frequently to stretch.
- I brought a lunch of wholesome protein and vegetables.
- For diner I asked the waiter for whole grains, no sauce, seasoned chicken and vegetables - waiter didn't flinch or charge me extra - French Canada can be very European.
- Got to my hotel room, bowed, busted out the jump rope and push-up bars and had a good work-out.
- Ready for a restful sleep.

- I get really energized with trips like this, meeting people and hearing both positive and negative feedback that speaks of success and potential. I hope I can sustain this level of energy for tomorrow!

See you soon.


  1. That's traveling in style. 100 points to restaurants that give you what you want!

  2. If every businessman traveled like you have I bet the world would get a lot more deals done. Positive energy MAKES THINGS HAPPEN!

  3. My life never really took me down the business path, but I always admire people who have a mind for the complex world of business and the rewards and challenges within. Battle on, Michael.