Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 45 - Goal Drift

The last couple of weeks have been real busy and looking back, while I did have some breakthroughs, my focus on the goal of this program have wavered - I've simply hit the wall. Like most people I often loose sight of my goals, the road becomes weary and I fail to complete the steps. Sometimes when I attempt to "break it down into small steps" I get frustrated since the small steps still add up to a hell of a lot of work. And in these times when I imagine success it may not be as clear an image as it once was. However, when I focus on my values, on my family and children, what kind of person I consider myself to be and the goal aligns directly with this I do get back on track. So do I go against what I believe or do I kick ass?

Today I am eating the killer diet that reduces my intake considerably. I'm a little worried about my cravings haunting me between meals and snacks. I think this got me down a bit - I remember the PCP and how this was a tough hurdle to climb. The fact that we are in a great group and helped along by Patrick and 'The Plan' is great - I'm not sure I'd be able to do it alone.

The fact that this post is here for the whole world to see is also motivational. While not as strong as focusing on values, I don't want to fail for myself and everyone else who may be watching.

So today I will stick to the diet but other than jumping rope and meditation I'm taking a day off.

How are your goals holding up - what wall are you hitting?

See you soon.


  1. Great, thoughtful post.

    I've been trying to put these same feelings into words and coming up empty. I'll keep your thoughts on goals in mind!

  2. Don't just think about it in small steps. Think about it as one step. Then the next.

    I think something about hitting the halfway mark brings this stuff up. Sort of like a mid-KFB crisis or something. I love how you connect your success with your values. That's really true—I've not really thought about it like that.

  3. The Kung Fu valley! I'm hitting this myself. But just picking up the rope and throwing a few leg swings out there seems to be enough to turn the engine over.

    This is hard stuff but it beats being a weak and uncoordinated blob.