Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 19 - Punchy Punch Punch

I've gotta say I'm enjoying the cathartic act of punching and kicking. I'm not saying I like hitting people, I just find the agility training of the KFB a lot of fun.

In high school my Mother bought me a punching bag so I could release my teenage angst - it seemed to work well. Today I kind wish I had the heavy bag but I'm still getting a real high out of punching and kicking and doing combos of different types. There is something self investing and powerful about throwing a good punch - I dare you to walk by an idle punching bag and not have an urge to lay into it! What is it that gives that rush when throwing a quick jab? I'm really not sure but but I know it's a great work out, building coordination, stamina and reflexes.

Like anything practiced well, I'm getting proficient at throwing a hit and kicking. It seems enjoyable and my skills are improving day by day.

See you soon.


  1. I had a punching bag in high school too! I enjoy the punches too. I often forget what number I'm on and do too many! Looking forward to seeing the difference when we measure the ping pong hits again.

  2. I never had a punching bag, but when I finally attacked one as an adult I felt like I'd found a missing piece in my life. Ooh do I love to PUNCH! What an awesome release.

    It's great that you are improving! Like a peaceful warrior...

  3. Targets coming soon! Just a little more prep time!