Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 26 – Shock to the system

Staying in a different country, totally foreign from where you were raised is in some ways a shock to the system like jumping into a frozen river. I’ve been to China many times but I always learn something new from the people I spend time with and the closer our relationship grows the more in sync we become – they figure me out and I them. In some ways I’m shielded by getting driven around and visiting predetermined clients and suppliers but it does give me an opportunity to get up close and personal with people, sharing experiences, and becoming better for it. This does not mean we can’t disagree, believe me it often happens, but I’m one to respect a persons place more so when I understand their point of view.

And that’s just it - when I get home to Canada next week, I know I will have a frame that I look through coloured by my experiences here. I have learned to use this frame positively as you can decline into pessimism if you’re not careful - but it serves me well to stay grounded with it.

The experiences with the KFB are much the same – at first, a shock to the system but you learn much about yourself and face things both golden and dirty. At the other end you’re better for it and it helps you appreciate what a wonderful and varied world we live in.

I can’t skip in my room so I went outside today and skipped in a courtyard beside 10 people doing tai chi. Surreal and cool. I loved it and did an extra 100 because it was so intriguing.

I Macgyvered books for my double punch and blocking sets and finished the workout with stretches that don’t seem nearly as difficult as before.

Sorry about the sporadic entries here. Some days I can’t log into my blog and other days I can’t get internet service.

See you soon.

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  1. Awesome stuff man. Bet the tai chi people were just as intrigued as you!