Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 18 - Am I One Those Angry Soccer Parents?

My little Man was playing soccer again tonight and lagging a little behind, not showing much enthusiasm so I urged him on, politely and positively at first and then when he was knocked down by a kid larger than him I called out for some help from the referee. As I said it I knew I shouldn't have since it's a casual and low pressure environment, and besides its part of the game. One of the other parents came over and made a joke, bandaiding my pride and I cooled down from then on in.

What makes us so aggressive to see our kids do well and win, apart from our biological aggressiveness? We're human and as I've said before really just cavemen/women, but get a bunch of parents together watching their kids play a competitive sport and interesting things happen. I don't want to be one of those overly aggressive, flag waving Fathers that cheers and boasts for his child and acts like a moron - I really know I won't be but with your little Man on the field sometimes its hard to just sit there.

Thats sort of the beauty of parenthood - you can't control your children and motivate them with a stick unless you want a bully or worse for a child - its best to watch, on the sidelines and give them encouragement, praise and guidance and then when its all done give them a big hug and tell them they did great (ice cream doesn't hurt either).

I find that when I'm too tough on my employees, my spouse or myself, I think back to my usual way of guiding my children and it puts it all in perspective.


I cut a few corners on the workout tonight as it was a late game, but really concentrated on the jumping side kick - what a workout. Stretching is going well too - I'm doing a bunch in the morning(super tight) and also before I go to bed.

See you soon.

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