Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 24 – Lost Day

My flight from Toronto to Hong Kong was uneventful except that I was lunging down the aisle, doing a few punch/ uppercut combos and completing a bunch of calf raises throughout. Other than a few odd glances, nobody on the flight seemed to mind.

I did smuggle on some fruit and vegetables I got from the waiting lounge and stayed true to the KFB until they told me they were all out of the halibut dinner – which was the "healthy" light dish. I ate some chicken, which seemed okay and drank water the entire flight.

At my seat, I did do lots of calf raises, arch raises and butt clenches. At one point after some ab leg raises I even worked up a bit of a sweat. Not too bad for doing it in a flying cigar tube.

Water was a good companion on a long dehydrating flight and as soon as I landed, I picked up some more.

After two train rides and a bus trip I was finally in my hotel room. For dinner, I had a salad, beans, two eggs and fruit. I finished the night with a few rope jumps and enough pushups and sit-ups to feel good.

Tomorrow I will try to get on track.

I realized that I couldn’t log into my Google Blogger account to post this(Due to Chinese Internet restrictions) and so if you are reading this I’ve somehow posted it through other means.

See you soon.

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  1. Awesome. I want to write a little guide for surviving long flights. Those exercises they tell you to do on the video DO NOT cut it.