Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 23 - Off to China

I'm off to China tomorrow morning on business and with a 15 hour flight I'll be out of communication for a few days. I've packed my essentials, jump rope, work out wear and some food for travel. Sometimes they confiscate my food depending on what it is and how is it packaged - we'll see. I'm not sure the other passengers will appreciate me doing a jump kick in the aisle but I will go through some of the motions. With travelling long distance I will do a load of stretching and exercises to increase circulation.

I felt like a spaz starting the blocking today. At first I couldn't get the coordination of it, but then slowly I got into the groove of it. kinda neat and obviously useful when blocking strikes.

I was running around today getting ready for my trip but I still found time for KFB meals and workout. I've been looking at my trip schedule and worried about a few days but I think it should be alright for meals and workouts with a little planning.

I'll post as soon as I can.

See you soon.


  1. Have a great trip, and post lots of photos (if you have time for sightseeing) when you get back!

  2. Have a great trip! (I don't envy you the flight, though)

  3. Sounds safe! You'll do great with the program on the road!

  4. Going to the birthplace of Kung Fu! Awesome.

  5. Have a great trip! You'll be able to get the original Kung fu shoes and maybe some nice training outfit.
    Waiting to hear from your experience.

  6. Traveling and KFB, that is quite the kick-butt accomplishment. Rock on : ).