Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Thoughts

I know I've left this way too long but I have been ruminating and elucidating on the impact the Kung Fu Body has had on me and my family.

I started the KFB thinking it would be similar to the PCP and in some ways it was but it had different aspects and required much more thought and focus than the PCP.

Maybe this was the reason I did not have the same tenacity as when I did the PCP or perhaps as Patrick suggested, the excitement of a new program was not as great as when first doing the PCP, but either way it is what it is.

I lost 10 pounds, gained back some muscle, can do more pushups and chinups than ever but what I really took from this program was the Kung Fu philosophy. I have a great deal of respect for the art, since I now know it is much more than a defensive set of skills and more than a physical endeavour. Patrick's emails have been thought provoking and interesting, making me think about myself and how I think about everything.

The meditation has been great too. I feel calm and serene after my meditations. At first I didn't know what to do with myself - meditatining for 5 minutes was like torture, but now its a peaceful inaction. I continue to meditate and enjoy its influence on my mind.

Stretching has been a good deal of help to me too. I've still got a way to go but I've probably exceled the most in this area, only because I came from so far down - I'm still not 'flexible' but I feel much more limber and can high kick with some finesse now.

So looking back at it in this context I may not have lost the weight or gained the muscle like I did during the PCP but the knowledge and skills learned from the KFB or even more important.

Here the are results of my final test:

Standing High Jump: 30 inches(up from28 inches)

Consecutive Ping Pong Punches: 142(up from 37)

Morning Standing Forward Bend: 4 inches from ground( from 9 inches from ground) can't quite touch those toes...yet.

Current Weight: 208 ibs. (down from 218 lbs.)

Current Height: 6'4"

Current Picture:

And one in ready stance:

For me it's just the start and now I have so many things to work on and explore.

Great job everyone - I've got to say that all of the KFBers have been awesome - encouraging, honest and kind. This group had your back every step of the way - thanks to everyone!

Thanks Patrick for everything - its been a great ride and introduction to so many fantastic things.

See you soon!


  1. Great work, Michael! Congratulations on making it through the end of the project, and thanks for all the support as well.

  2. Congratulations, Michael! Your stories have been so fun to read. Sounds like you're enjoying enhanced flexibility not just in body but also in mind—so cool! I wish the best to you and your family in all your future endeavors!

  3. Awesome. The changes you describe is why I designed this program. I just hope it's not too deep and people can understand that the most important changes all happen where no photo can catch them! Great work man!

  4. Great job! It was fun having you in Team Crane. Your reflexions on how KFB influenced your daily experiences were very interesting. A good complement to Patrick's mails.
    I wish you further flexibility and calm through meditation :)