Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 84 - The Home Stretch

My wife's cousin is in town from Ireland and I had a work out with him last night. He's 17, energetic and excited about what a program like the Kung Fu Body can do for him. While he had a bit of trouble with the rope jumps he enjoyed the intensity of the workout and I started to explain the fundamentals of the program. He's a great kid and eager to learn and his questions and my answers reinvigorated my belief in this type of program.

Its great to mentor someone and I think you get the added value of re-teaching yourself when you teach someone else. He's here for another two weeks so we'll have plenty of time to knock out some good training.

I can't believe this program is almost done! My knees are feeling much better and I'm getting back into the groove of training (especially with the help of my new pupil).

I'm enjoying the freestyle mix agility training. I love the freedom to combine all the types of hits and moves in any way possible. I sometimes get flustered by the speed but more and more the moves instinctually come from the practice of thousands of strikes.

See you soon!


  1. Great news about the knee! Finish strong!

  2. And it's always fun to have a workout buddy!

  3. So good to hear your knee is getting better. I also enjoy he freestyle mix and get very happy when a back kick comes out without thinking!