Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 66 - Countdown

I can't believe how far we've all gone into this project. It's been difficult, challenging and fun all at the same time. I'm at a point where I'm starting to countdown but I'm going to stop myself in order to take everything I can from this experience.

I spent the weekend looking over all the words of wisdom from Patrick that we received since the KFP started and realized in my enthusiasm to get going on the day's workout that I often missed some key bit of wisdom or some important piece of information - sort of like assembling the furniture without reading the instructions - there's always a screw or bolt left over...

So I'm making a conscious effort to read the information not once but twice - maybe 3 times so that I fully absorb what is important. While the practice and exercise is the key to this program, understanding the why is important to me.

The double target is great - I'm hitting and weaving and kicking like a madman - and I'm connect more than I would have thought. I started trying the follow the balls and then used my peripheral focus and found my connections going way up. I love this. I continue to envision someone in combat with me while I do these exercises.

I'm getting a little tired of my diet - I'm going to try something new. What is your favourite carb, vegetable and protein. Let me know.

See you soon.


  1. Great to hear that you're taking more time with following the instructions!

    I've been experimenting with cool summer veggie dishes (check out Heather's gazpacho recipe) - and making salads with red cabbage, corn, jicama, which makes a great slaw and is awesome with avocadoes!

    And recently I discovered the sardine - supposed to have lower levels of mercury than some of the other Omega-3 rich fishies out there...

  2. We've been buying sardines too! Cucumber/red onion salad with just a little wine vinegar, honey, pepper, and salt is good. I've been putting fresh mint in everything. Raw beets are good shredded with citrus, mint, and agave. I've been enjoying wheatberries lately. This summer squash recipe is good too:

    Great idea reading back over the e-mails! I am guilty of skimming the especially long ones...

  3. Brown rice is my favorite carb, cold and mixed with chopped veggies as a salad!
    Peppers, red and yellow are the owners of my heart this summer.
    As for protein...the occasional salmon, steamed only a few minutes to keep the inside almost raw.